# Improve the magma guide

The magma guide is an interactive, collaborative resource that requires the help of users like you to ensure it stays up-to-date with the all of the latest developments in the Information controls world. If you think you can contribute, please do!

Note: The contribution framework below was sourced (at times verbatim) from Handlebars, another open-source project hosted on GitHub.

# What should I contribute?

  • Look for issues labeled as docs-needed in the magma-guide-repository. These issues need further attention/documentation.
  • Propose and submit new content. The world of information controls is constantly evolving, so the magma guide needs to, too. If you see a need for new content, add it! (Note: if you are unsure about your proposal, you can always create an issue before submitting a pull-request).
  • Improve existing content. You can also propose changes to the navigation, fix typos, improve language, or correct any incorrect content.
  • Fix CSS-styling issues. Feel free to improve the guide's styling as well. For larger changes, please get in touch by opening an issue.
  • Open an issue if you find something wrong.

# How do I submit a contribution?

The magma guide is hosted on GitHub and rendered with VuePress. To submit a contribution, you'll first need to create a GitHub account. Then you can:

  • Create a Pull Request when you want to make a change. If your change only affects the contents of a single page (as will most often be the case), you can do this by simply clicking the Help us improve this page! link at the button of the page (see Editing files in another user's repository for details).
  • For more complex changes (styling, multiple pages, new pages, fixing build problems), you should first fork the repository and then submit a pull request. This approach allows you to use a dev-server and preview your changes before submitting them.

# How do I draft the content for my contribution?

The magma guide is written in Markdown and rendered with VuePress. VuePress uses the markdown-it package to render markdown. markdown-it implements the CommonMark dialect. The three sources below provide all the information you need to write your content in an expert and efficient manner:

# How should I behave?

  • Respect intellectual property: Please only submit texts and other media if you created it yourself or otherwise have permission to use it (Note: by submitting content, you agree that it can be published on this site and under the license of this site).
  • Respect others: Please be respectful of everyone in and out of our community (all inappropriate language, behavior, and harassment is expressly forbidden).

# List of contributors

Many different activists and organizations have contributed to the magma guide. Some have chosen to remain anonymous. The others are listed below (this list is periodically updated):