# Glossary

When reviewing the magma guide, you may stumble across some unfamiliar concepts and highly technical terms. If you encounter an undefined term that is difficult for you to understand, please feel free to open an issue to request the definition be added to this glossary. Similarly, more experienced users should feel free to contribute and add new terms to the glossary whenever they see fit.

This glossary, like all other sections of the magma guide, will be updated on a rolling basis.

# OONI-specific terms

# Test

Aliases: nettest, net-test

A network test run by OONI Probe to perform a specific network measurement. A list of available OONI Probe tests can be found in OONI - Nettest and their detailed specifications in OONI Spec Nettests.

# Report

A report is a JSON formatted file that contains a set of network measurements from tests run by OONI Probe.